How we perform searches

Search engines are generally optimized to provide you the best matched information about your search. It is normal to not consult more than 1 or 2 page of results, but what about other pages ? What about a real quick overview of all the pages which can change our choice of results and give us lot of information we don't see ?

Search results contain lot of information when we can get an overview of results. That is what we do. Deeper Search, built on Google search, allows to analyse your search results and provides you an overview of informations in regards to time and audience.

How we can perform a search

Deeper Search allows to see search results as a graph organized with natural progressive information according to date. Results as graphs, allows also to see lot of informations hidden on normal search results pages.

For example we can perform 3 searches : Obama, Sarkozy and Hollande. Searches are represented with colored circles, results are graphed and referenced by colors, every graph represent results over time.

The circle items can be drag and be merged, this action create a new search composed with the two original search.

Gaphical results - Year Graphs

On this view we can see how a graphical result is more expressive than a textual result. A lot of information is represented and we have an overview of 160 results (20 pages of Google Search results managed by the beta app).

When you perform many searches, it may be difficult to select a specific search year, you can focus on a specific search by selecting it on the search view. Selecting "Show all graphs" will show all graphs together.

You can focus on year results by clicking on the year point, this action will show you a year graph detailed by months.

Month graphs

On the month graph section, you can focus on year results by months, you can also see results from two different years of the same search or on different search. You can compare and deduct before chosing a month.


You can now select a month on the graph to see the specific month's result.